What Clowns Fear Most

A poem about clowns, inspired by @WilliamAder:

I’m an instigator of fear,
I scare people,
make them cry.
I shout ‘hello’ and parp my nose,
the children scream,
don’t know why.

What is it that they have to fear,
from me smiling,
ear to ear?
If they understood my awful life,
they’d feel for me,
shed a tear.

My online dating mailbox is empty,
my profile pic,
turns them off.
Even the skankiest prostitutes run from me,
seems my money’s,
not enough.

Have you ever tried a chat up line,
to turn her on,
dressed like this?
What I fear, therefore, most of all,
is isolation,

(Thanks a lot, Stephen King. Thanks a whole bunch.)